The real "skinny" on artificial sweeteners 
With obesity and diabetes becoming a nationwide epidemic, more and more people are looking for ways to cut their calorie consumption and shed those extra pounds. One very popular choice is to substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar. Is this something you do yourself? Has it helped you to lose any of those extra pounds? In fact, you may be cutting your calories down to a bare minimum and STILL can't seem to lose any weight! What's going on here?...
Recent research is indicating that those artificial sweeteners can actually cause you to store calories you eat when consuming artificial sweeteners as FAT! The mechanism is still unclear, but one theory is that it causes an increase in insulin release which can then, in turn, cause those calories to be stored as fats. Another theory is that it interrupts the satiation center in your brain and "fools" it into triggering hunger.
Also, there have long been concerns that artificial sweeteners have been linked to certain cancers, so if that did not concern you enough to quit using them, maybe this latest research will.
While consuming an excess of sugar can clearly cause excess weight gain, keep in mind that 1 tsp of sugar is only 16 calories, and will not cause the insulin release or disrupt the satiation centers in the same way (and without the cancer risks) as artificial sweeteeners.
A better choice if you are looking for a zero calorie beverage is to drink filtered water.
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